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Congresswoman Reboots LGBT Health Care

By Charlotte Robinson, September 14, 2010
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Jeffrey Friedman their new must-see poetpic
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Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) introduced legislation aimed
at improving the health care system for lesbian, gay, bisexual, &
transgender Americans. The Health Data Collection Improvement
Act (H.R. 6109) will allow the Department of Health & Human
Services (HHS) to collect voluntary data on sexual orientation &
gender identity in programs & surveys supported by the Department.
Baldwin’s legislation requires the Secretary of HHS to develop
standards for the development of questions & the appropriate &
confidential collection of information on sexual orientation & gender
identity. It also directs that this information be analyzed to assess
disparities in health status & access to healthcare. Ultimately, H.R.
6109 will allow health researchers, LGBT community organizations
& government agencies to better assess the health & wellness issues
affecting the LGBT community & individuals. In addition, it will
allow both private & public funds to better target evidence-driven
LGBT health programs. Updates to Come…:)
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Congresswoman Baldwin said...

Currently, the federal government does not collect any information about the health and well-being of LGBT Americans. Consequently, our knowledge of the health of the LGBT community is drastically insufficient and our current health care system fails LGBT individuals on many levels. Although we have ample anecdotal evidence of LGBT health disparities, only valid research data will allow us to take critical steps toward improving the health of LGBT Americans and their families.

Congresswoman Baldwin, co-founder and co-chair of the Congressional LGBT Equality Caucus, has been advocating for such health data collection for many years. The HHS Secretary’s Advisory Committee of Healthy People 2020 has highlighted the need for improved data collection in the LGBT community.

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