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Paul Stanley Rocks on NOH8 Video

By Charlotte Robinson, December 05, 2010
Paul Stanley lead singer of Kiss has joined the gay rights NOH8
Campaign with a video message. Stanley’s commitment follows
that of fellow band member Gene Simmons, former Spice Girl
Mel B & Jane Lynch to name a few. Cindy McCain also appeared
in a NOH8 photo before recently siding with her homophobic
husband Senator John McCain against repealing the Don’t Ask
Don’t Tell military policy. Since 2008 over 5,500 faces as well as
a number of video messages from celebrities & politicians have
lent their support to the NOH8 Campaign. Listen to our exclusive
audio interview with NOH8 founders Adam Bouska & his partner
Jeff Parshley @ OUTTAKE VOICES™

Exclusive Audio Interview with Tris Reid-Smith
Editor-in-Chief, Pink Paper & the Gay Times in

London, UK. In the UK gays & lesbians have openly

served in the military since 2000. We talked about

this & more
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™

1 comment:

Paul Stanley said...

There are a lot of things that make us different. But there's one very important thing we have in common. We're all human beings, created equally. It's not about gender or race or age or what political party you belong to. Nobody is free until we're all free. It won't get better, until we make it better.

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