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Winter Solstice Arrives with Lunar Eclipse

By Charlotte Robinson, December 20, 2010
HAPPY SOLSTICE!! As the full moon brings in the winter
solstice we experienced a full lunar eclipse at 2:41AM EST.
The winter solstice has not coincided with a total lunar eclipse
since 1638, 372 years ago. This is not only an extremely rare
event but a minor meteor shower also sent a few shooting
stars through the darkened sky during the height of the eclipse.
For the winter-weary, NASA streamed the eclipse live,
so you can still see the moon from an indoor vantage point.
Everyone else brave enough to weather the cold, can howl away.
The solstice marks the darkest day of the year which means as we
enter into winter we grab a little more daylight….:)
See comments for what this event means.....
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Rev. Ana Jones said...

On Dec. 21, 2010 our sun and our solar system will collectively begin a 3 year galactic journey from Dec. 21, 2010 through to Dec. 21, 2013, ushering us into a new world age. This is the 3 year period that will bring the fulfillment of what many modern and ancient seers have prophesied as the "Shift of The Ages" that is taking place in our lifetime. During this 3 year period many experts believe that we will not only be completing our regular annual cycles around the sun but that our sun will be completing one Grand Cycle of 26,000+ years. While we have been feeling the strong energetic effects of this for at least 18+ years, NOW begins the time we have been waiting for! It's the time that many of us have come here for. All of the changes and transformations that we have been undergoing have been preparing us for this time period that we are just now entering into.

Anonymous said...

This is exciting stuff thanks for the tip of watching this through NASA, I’m in the United Kingdom and would love to see it, what time is that for me by the way? Cool thanks for sharing, all the best mark.

Charlotte Robinson said...

Thanks! I wish I had more info. I'm going to research this as part of our 2012 Series. I Just came back from London...:) You're 5 hours ahead making it 7:41AM....Click my name to the link we did on the coming of 2012. I think you’ll find it interesting...:) Some Great Info!!

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