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Was Abraham Lincoln Gay?

By Charlotte Robinson, February 22, 2011
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The theory that Abraham Lincoln was gay provides vital info
& hope for LGBTQ teens. What a role model Abe would be.
At the heart of the speculation is Lincoln's close relationship
with Joshua Speed, a Springfield, IL merchant who helped
the young lawyer by allowing him to share his upstairs room
& bed for four years. Speed remained a lifelong friend, despite
his support of slavery & the two sent warm, affectionate letters
for years, even after Lincoln moved into the White House.
"There's no question in my mind that Abraham Lincoln was
a gay man & a totally gay man. It wasn't just a period, but
something that went on his whole life", said Gay Activist
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1 comment:

John Stauffer said...

We are getting closer to the day that a majority of younger, less homophobic historians will at long last accept the evidence of Lincoln’s same-gender component. We’re already seeing the beginnings of a trend that will amount to a major paradigm shift. In light of what we know about romantic friendship at the time, coupled with the facts surrounding Speed’s and Lincoln’s friendship, there is no reason to suppose they weren’t physically intimate at some point during their four years of sleeping together in the same small bed, long after Lincoln could afford a bed of his own. To ignore this, as most scholars do, is to pretend that same-gender carnal relationships were abnormal. It thus presumes a dislike or fear about such relationships, reflecting a presentist and homophobic perspective.

John Stauffer, Harvard University

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