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Congrats to New York Gay Newlyweds

By Charlotte Robinson, July 25, 2011
Sunday thousands of gay & lesbian New Yorkers said "I do" as the Empire State became the 6th state to embrace gay marriage in the USA. This is definitely a game-changer following Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, New Hampshire, Vermont & the District of Columbia where gay marriage is the law. The state law signed June 24th by Governor Andrew Cuomo went into effect as hundreds of couples statewide tied the knot, including 823 in New York City alone. This sends a clear message to Washington that it's time to push for change to federal laws as Obama endorses the Respect for Marriage Act, a bill to repeal the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act that denies federal rights & protections to all legally married same-gender couples. Updates to Come….:) Exclusive Audio Chat with Chef Rossi, owner of The Raging Skillet one of NYC's best gay-owned wedding caterers on LGBT civil rights & more @ OUTTAKE VOICES™ Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™ SUPPORT OUR QUEST @ OUTTAKE™ EQUALITY STORE...:) View Our Historic Short Trailer on Gay Marriage


Bob Witeck said...

New York is the sixth state (plus Washington) to offer marriage equality for same-gender couples. To me, after two decades of consulting with business leaders, this moment truly feels personal. It not only arrives packed with emotion, it is a real game-changer for the American work force. New York's mayor, Michael Bloomberg and city leaders must be cheering the economic shot in the arm as hotels, restaurants, caterers, florists and legions of vendors welcome the wedding and honeymoon brigades. Some estimate nearly $400 million in revenues for the state over the next three years. These rewards are also the result of changing tides among American corporations and employers over recent decades. Gov. Andrew Cuomo's gay marriage legislation was endorsed not only by major corporations like Xerox and Google but by scores of smaller business owners across the state.

Bob Witeck is CEO of Witeck-Combs Communications

Rachel said...

I know Manhattan Mini Storage definitely endorsed it...they did a great promotion at City Hall on the 24th, and they've got a long history of supporting marriage and gender equality.

caterers jacksonville said...

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