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Gay Ally Lady Gaga to be Ordained…

By Charlotte Robinson, July 28, 2011
Lady Gaga says she wants to be ordained as a minister
to marry her gay friends. The singer & fierce gay activist
said that she wants to be a minister now that marriage
equality was passed in New York. Gaga said she was
'thrilled' that gay marriage in New York has now been
legalized, "I just think for myself as an activist it's
always about being positive and honoring & being
excited about the small steps that are taken toward
equality. I'm excited about the things that are happening
& I'm going to continue to band together with all my
friends & with my generation to continue to fight for
our rights." Updates to Come…:)
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Lady Gaga said...

My yoga instructor Trisha, a lesbian, has lived with her partner for years now and they have a beautiful daughter. They asked me to marry them. So, yes. I’m going to do it.
It’s their private wedding but they’re very proud of it. They’ve waited a long time to legitimize their love. Congratulations to Mama T and T Mama.

Unknown said...

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