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The Slow Death of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”

By Charlotte Robinson, July 22, 2011
According to the White House Obama is scheduled to
meet with Secretary of Defense Panetta & Admiral
Mullen shortly before 3P in the Oval Office today to
finally signoff on the certification that will end “Don’t
Ask, Don’t Tell”. Once all 3 sign it will take 60 days
before it goes into effect. Last week the 9th Federal
Court of Appeals compromised with the Obama
administration on their ruling stating that though
our gay & lesbian military cannot be fired during the
certification process gays & lesbians could not enlist
in the military until after the 60 day certification.
Updates to Come….:)
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Aubrey Sarvis said...

This Pentagon certification received by the White House Thursday is welcomed by gay and lesbian service members who have had to serve their country in silence for far too long. The troops and their commanders are ready. Our nation’s top military leaders have testified that commanders see no significant challenges ahead. The official certification to Congress that the armed forces are prepared for the end of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ should go to Capitol Hill Friday with the President’s signature.

Aubrey Sarvis Army Veteran and SLDN Executive Director

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