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Gay Soldiers Beaten in Hate Crime

By Charlotte Robinson, July 05, 2011
Over the holiday weekend in Colorado 2 soldiers
based at Fort Carson & their friends were reportedly
attacked by anti-gay bullies Saturday night. They had
been out at a gay club with friends, one of which was a
go-go dancer still in his outfit & headed to a restaurant
called Albert Taco for a late night snack. The group
began hurling racial & homophobic remarks at them.
They were then violently attacked & beaten. Police are
looking for the suspected assailants & will investigate
the incident as a hate crime. The soldiers, meanwhile
are forced to keep their names out of the press since
“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” is still not in effect & their sexual
orientation is "definitely frowned upon" at Fort Carson.
Listen to Audio Interview with Aubrey Sarvis on
DADT Update below...:) More to Come....

Exclusive Audio Chat with Aubrey Sarvis,
Executive Director of Servicemembers Legal

Defense Network with a “Don’t Ask, Don’t

Tell” Repeal Update

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John said...

As soon as we walked in, there was a group of men that walked in. We heard a lot of racial slurs and a lot of hatred slurs towards homosexuals. I ended up getting kicked in the head and in the ribs several times. I have six bruised ribs. And my right eye was completely swollen shut for about nine or 10 hours. Ted had to have his jaw wired shut.

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