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Celebrities Tweet on DADT Demise

By Charlotte Robinson, September 21, 2011
The news is overwhelming with celebrations & stories about the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. So we thought we’d share their tweets with you….:)
Ellen DeGeneres tweeted, "Don't Ask Don't Tell is officially over. It's a good day.”
Wanda Sykes agreed. "Congratulations to all of our service members who can now truly be all that you can be. DADT was a hot mess."
Lady Gaga tweeted, "What a tremendous & beautiful day, DADT is officially repealed & the new order is in place. Sending all my love & gratitude to service members."
Jane Lynch wrote, "DADT ... gone! Good riddance."
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Mike Thompson said...

America took a momentous step forward in the pursuit of full equality by fully repealing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' and opening its military to every brave man and woman willing to serve, whether straight or gay. At long last, gay and lesbian service members can serve their country openly and honestly. The courage, perseverance and patriotism displayed by the American military shines even more brightly today as our nation strengthens its national security and takes a firm stand against discrimination in our Armed Forces.

Mike Thompson Acting GLAAD President

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