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Homophobia Resurrects in North Carolina

By Charlotte Robinson, September 13, 2011
Update: NC Will Vote on Gay Marriage Ban in May
The anti-gay hatemongers are at it again in North Carolina. The homophobic GOP leaders in that state have launch a nasty anti-gay attack to get a dated amendment on their ballot to ban marriage equality. They’ve once again called on the black church bullying pulpit to preach their poisonous bigotry against our LGBT community. Rev. Johnny Hunter from Fayetteville delivered their agenda in form of a sermon where he called homosexuality immoral & unnatural because two gay people could not give birth. He held up a lock & inserted a key to make his point as he attacked our gay rights movement. He stated, "Blacks know what real discrimination is about. To say men having sex with men is the same as being black - I am offended & disgusted." What happened to the word 'love' & note: This happened Sunday as the country mourned 9/11….
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Paul Stam said...

We see in countries around the world where they legitimize same-gender marriage that marriage itself is depreciated. I think you'll find that the impetus for same-gender marriage is not for same-gender people to get married – very, very few of them do – rather it is to delegitimize marriage as an institution, as a whole. That will affect your children and grandchildren, because all social science research demonstrates that's the best way for children to be raised. So you have to look to the future to see the true advantages of this…We prohibit adult incest, we prohibit polygamy. What I'm saying is you cannot construct an argument for same-gender marriage that would not also justify philosophically the legalization of polygamy and adult incest.

Paul Stam is North Carolina House Majority Leader

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