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The Gay Agenda & The Emmy Awards

By Charlotte Robinson, September 19, 2011
First of all the only gay agenda that exists for the LGBT community is full equality. So let's dive into The 63rd Emmy Awards hosted by openly gay icon Jane Lynch. The show began on a high note with a sensational opener that visited the casts of shows up for Emmy awards. Jane Lynch included a short discussion on gay marriage with the cast of Mad Men that took home the Emmy for Best Drama for the 4th year in a row. Then the show went live with with a few notable highlights & a few 'what were they thinking...' Mark Burnett of reality TV shows like Survivor & the Apprentice produced the show. The only real objection I had to the overall concept was when as the Emmy Winners made their way to the stage they had an announcer making jokes about the recipients. That & the rap performance that included humping William H Macy were totally out of place. Jane Lynch did a fab job & there were a few political remarks favoring our LGBT community with the wins or Modern Family who dominated the awards with 5 Emmys for ABC that ended a 8 year winning streak by HBO. Next year keep Jane Lynch but find some writers who have a sense of dignity & class.....:)
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Charlotte Robinson said...

The 63rd Emmy Awards were hosted by openly gay icon Jane Lynch who did a fabulous job and hopefully will return next year. Modern Family that represents our LGBT community in a positive light were the big winners leading ABC with 5 Emmys and ending HBO’s eight year winning streak. The only gay agenda our LGBT community demands is equality for all. Every year I take my Emmy down from the mantel to watch the show. It’s a hoot to watch the celebrities gush with their acceptance speeches and remember how I felt when I won the Emmy when there were only a handful of networks. Things have changed big time in the television industry since then but once you’re acknowledged by your peers for excellence you have a responsibility to continue to deliver that level of excellence to your audience. It’s a tough job but someone has to do it….:)

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