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Gay Marriage Begins in Maine

By Charlotte Robinson, December 30, 2012
Gay marriage began in Maine at midnight Saturday morning. In Massachusetts we know how very moving this is for our LGBT neighbors in The Pine Tree State. Couples turned out in their wedding finery with rings & flowers to exchange wedding vows early this morning as Maine's gay marriage law went into effect at midnight. Steven Bridges & Michael Snell became the first in line & they received cheers from more than 200 people waiting outside after they wed in the clerk's office. Bridges a retail manager who's been in a relationship with the Snell a massage therapist, for nine years stated, "We've waited our entire lives for this." They wore lavender & purple carnations on black T-shirts with the words "Love is Love." Voters in Maine, Maryland & Washington State voted to pass gay marriage in November becoming the first states to do so by popular vote. Gay marriage is already legal in New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont & the District of Columbia but as we know those laws were either enacted by lawmakers or through court rulings. In Maine Gov. Paul LePage signed off on the certified election results on Nov. 29th so the new law went into effect 30 days from that date. The law already is in effect in Washington State & Maryland's takes effect on Tuesday the first day of 2013. Hopefully DOMA the Defense of Marriage Act will be overturned by the Supreme U.S. Court in 2013 so our LGBT legally married couples will receive the 1,138 federal rights & protections that heterosexual couples receive. Congrats to All Our LGBT Newlyweds in Maine!! Updates to Come …:)

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