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The Truth About THE END (Audio)

By Charlotte Robinson, December 21, 2012
We’re headed to Gloucester to celebrate the Winter Solstice with our favorite spiritual visionary Richard Emmanuel on this day the world is predicted to end according to the Mayan calendar. We actually did an entire episode dedicated to this topic in 2009. You can listen to the full audio interview below. There are so many theories from Armageddon & Doomsday predictions to a Religious Apocalypse. Hollywood provided a major disaster film 2012 if you believe in that theory. The government has prepared for this event by launching millions of dollars worth of satellites to monitor the Sun. They’ve also spent millions to mortify equipment to withstand a possible solar blackout. Ancient Mayan astronomers were aware of this rare alignment of the Earth, Sun & center of the Milky Way on the winter solstice December 21, 2012. According to this belief, the alignment is tied to the precession of the equinoxes & signals a transition from one world age to another. It also marks the end of their calendar. A New Age interpretation of this transition suggests that during this time, the planet & its inhabitants may undergo a physical or spiritual transformation rather than an Armageddon. Exacerbating this issue is a virtual deluge of often-confusing & overwhelming information. Emmanuel brings clarity to the 2012 phenomenon by addressing the emotional & physical ramifications it could have on our changing world. Happy Solstice!!  
Listen to 2009 Audio Interview with Rev Richard Emmanuel:

Audio Interview Length: 14:27

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