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Gay Marriage Leaps & Bounds (Audio)

By Charlotte Robinson, December 28, 2012
This has been an amazing year for our LGBT community. Obama declared his support for marriage equality & gay marriage passed in Washington, Maryland & Maine. Tammy Baldwin became the first lesbian elected to the U.S. Senate & DOMA is finally headed for the United States Supreme Court. In Massachusetts the transgender rights bill went into effect & GLAD published "Transgender Family Law," a resource book to help lawyers be better advocates for transgender clients. In the next few months campaigns are gearing up to pass marriage equality in the state legislatures of Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota & Rhode Island. So when you get those emails from LGBT orgs for a year-end gift please give generously if you can because 2013 may not be a big election year but we must keep moving forward for LGBT Equality. As Kate Clinton stated in this exclusive audio interview, “There’s a lot of things that still need work on & I think we can certainly keep pushing for marriage equality on the federal level. But, I think that we still have a lot of work to do on immigration, a lot of work to do on HIV/AIDS, a lot of work to pass ENDA, a trans inclusive ENDA because in so many states they don’t have non discrimination laws.”
Listen to Kate Clinton’s Full 2012/13 Audio Interview:

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