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Happy LGBT New Year 2013

By Charlotte Robinson, December 31, 2012
This is it another year ends as the New Year begins. It’s a moment to reflect on 2012 & think about what 2013 will bring. For our LGBT community it’s been a very positive year. Gay marriage passed by a popular vote in the states of Washington, Maine & Maryland where marriage equality begins at the stroke of midnight. We have DOMA & Prop 8 headed to the U. S. Supreme Court in the coming year & the possibility of gay marriage passing in Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Minnesota & Rhode Island. Of course we still have plenty of opposition from the homophobes especially Pope Bias leading the Vatican. For OUTTAKE VOICES we’ve had some amazing interviews in 2012 & 2013 is looking like another fruitful year for our audio interview series on Huff Post & OUTTAKE VOICES. We will continue to report all the LGBT news that is changing our world & thank all our contributors from the bottom of our heart. We want to wish our entire global audience the best in 2013 & to continue to have great success & happiness in the upcoming year. Remember to Play Safe & Have a Fabulous New Year!!

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