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Hawaii Passes Gay Marriage

By Charlotte Robinson, November 12, 2013

Hawaii becomes the 16th state to pass gay marriage with a Senate vote of 19-4 with two lawmakers excused. In a special session of the Hawaiian legislature passed bill, SB1 after decades of tireless effort by dedicated Hawaiians making marriage a reality in the Aloha State for all. Senator Kahale, stated, "Same-gender relationships are part of the very fabric of native Hawaiian culture. Aloha was meant to describe openness & caring for each other. It is time for Aloha for all. My mother was born & raised in Hawaii & our family grew up with a strong sense of Aloha spirit, family values, & fairness for all." Stuart Gaffney MEUSA Communications added, "As we celebrate today, our family couldn't be prouder that Hawaii is making history as the 16th marriage equality state in the union & the second state in one week to declare equality for all families!" John Lewis MEUSA Legal & Policy Director concluded, "One of the early milestones in the freedom to marry movement was the lawsuit filed in Hawaii 23 years ago in 1991. The people of Hawaii never gave up & their long road to equality will make the wedding bells ring a bit louder & the wedding cake taste that much sweeter when the first marriages begin in Hawaii." Marriage will begin next month on Dec 2nd for gay & lesbian couples in Hawaii. One year ago at this time there were 7 states with the freedom to marry & today there are 16. We’re definitely moving forward. Congrats!!
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