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That's So Gay! The Board Game

By Charlotte Robinson, December 12, 2013

If you’re trying to decide what to buy someone who has everything & is LGBT there’s a new trivia board game out in time for the holiday season called “That's So Gay! A Game of LGBTQ Discovery”. It features more than 2,400 questions of LGBTQ history & current events, can be played by two or more people & is ideal for parties & social events. As you know the phrase "That's so gay!" has been used mostly in a negative context for decades. Some people use it as a way to attack or vilify our community & others use it in the fabulous context not realizing the damage it can do. As with the reclaiming of negative words & phrases such as "queer," this game seeks to turn "That's so gay!" into a positive opportunity to educate our LGBTQ community & allies & even those people who use the phrase as an attack. Game producer & Windy City Times Publisher Tracy Baim stated, "Words can be a tool of our enemies, or can empower us in our work. This game hopes to break down stereotypes while having some fun with our LGBTQ history. There are the well-known celebrities & media sensations but also obscure authors, scientists, athletes & pioneers. The scope of the game goes back thousands of years & across multiple continents, all with more than 2,400 questions that will tease you, taunt you & treat you to some amazing facts." There are a limited number of copies of That's So Gay! available at Chicago's Women & Children First Bookstore & Gaymart. The game will also be made available to student & adults LGBTQ groups, including GSAs, as a fundraising tool, where they can keep $5 for every game sold.
For More Info: thatssogaygame.com
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