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UN LGBT Sports Equality Event

By Charlotte Robinson, December 10, 2013

David McFarland, Founder & CEO of United For Equality In Sports & Entertainment announced the non-profit’s official launch with a high-level event, “Sport Comes Out Against Homophobia,” at the United Nations. The goal of the event, which takes place on Tuesday December 10th is to create a global discussion on the role of sport in the fight against homophobia & transphobia. A VIP launch reception will follow the historic events being held at the United Nations. Guests expected to be in attendance to celebrate the UESE launch include tennis legend Martina Navratilova, openly gay NBA center Jason Collins & MSNBC Live anchor Thomas Roberts. Also joining UESE will be members from the United Nations & human rights defenders from Russia, South Africa & the United States. McFarland stated, “United for Equality in Sports & Entertainment is honored to be working with the esteemed United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights & a core group of nations to launch a global discussion on the important issue of homophobia & transphobia in the world of sport. Our goal is to accelerate a global discussion on LGBT equality in sport & to create safe environments for all athletes worldwide as well as to promote the ideals of respect, acceptance, fairness, sportsmanship & equality for all.” United for Equality in Sports & Entertainment’s is collaborating with the United Nations High Commission on Human Rights & a core group of nations, along with the European Union, to bring the issue of homophobia & transphobia in sport to the world stage. This historic meeting will take place in the meeting Chambers at the UN Headquarters and with over 500 diplomats, world-class athletes and Olympians, LGBT activists, UN staff members & ambassadors in attendance.
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