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Gay Marriage First Ten Years

By Charlotte Robinson, May 15, 2014

Massachusetts is celebrating the 10th anniversary of marriage equality on May 17th. It was a watershed moment in the history of civil rights when the landmark Goodridge ruling designated the constitutional right of gay & lesbian marriages in Massachusetts & at midnight on May 16, 2004 Cambridge, MA was the first city in the United States to issue marriage licenses for gay & lesbian couples. We were there & watch our historic award-winning short film entitled OUTTAKE: Gay Marriage 2004 shot from midnight on May 17th 2004 in Cambridge & throughout the day in Boston when marriage equality became the law in Massachusetts. To celebrate this milestone for marriage equality the city of Cambridge is celebrating with events happening on Friday May 16th at City Hall where it all began. From 5P to 7:30P at Cambridge City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge Mayor David P. Maher invites you to the 10th anniversary of the first gay & lesbian marriages in the United States featuring remarks by Mary Bonauto, GLAD Civil Rights Project Director & lead counsel in Goodridge v. Dept. of Public Health. Mayor Maher stated, “Cambridge was the first city in the United States to issue marriage licenses due to the incredible efforts of Mary Bonauto as lead counsel in the Goodridge case. We are honored to host this celebration & I am especially proud that Attorney Bonauto will be our keynote speaker. I cannot think of a more fitting person to celebrate this occasion in Cambridge.” Justices of the Peace will be present & will perform marriage & renewal ceremonies. There will be refreshments & live music as well. WATCH HISTORIC VIDEO:
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