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“Black-ish” Is Anti Gay

By Charlotte Robinson, October 06, 2014
We were really looking forward to watching “Black-ish” the new ABC sitcom but found it alarming with its homophobic references to our LGBT community. Last week GLAAD the LGBT media watchdogs gave ABC a rave review for increasing LGBT characters on TV & then this new sitcom which doesn’t include any LGBT characters took really offensive shots at our community with dialogue like “It looks a little gay” without doing a “Seinfeld” like saying, but there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re left feeling that there is something wrong or second-class about being gay. Up until these anti-gay references were made we were really enjoying the show & found it well written & actually funny. However once we heard the insults to our LGBT community all we could think about was, shame on you ABC. How could a network that has such a fabulous show like “The Fosters” on their network allow such below the belt homophobic dialogue to encourage families that it’s okay to put down our LGBT community? If you want to address gay issues on “Black-ish” then include gay characters to discuss it. The way this sitcom is set up there’s no one to stand up for our LGBT community to educate the audience how this type of stereotyping damages the progress our LGBT families have made in the last decades.
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