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New Poll Supports LGBT Equality

By Charlotte Robinson, April 07, 2015
The Center for American Progress reports that despite historic progress on marriage equality over the past decade our LGBT community still lack basic, enumerated protections from discrimination in several areas of life, from the workplace to the public marketplace. However a recent Generation Progress poll conducted by Hart Research reveals widespread support among Millennials for federal, comprehensive LGBT nondiscrimination legislation. Laura E. Durso, Director of CAP’s LGBT Research & Communication Project stated, “While the events surrounding Indiana’s religious liberty law were a stark reminder that LGBT Americans can be legally discriminated against, it is far from the only state in the nation where that is possible. Even with the purported fixes to the Indiana law signed late last week, it is still legal to deny housing, employment & services to LGBT Americans based solely on their sexual orientation & gender identity in roughly 30 states—Indiana included. This poll shows that a huge majority of the next generation of leaders & voters believe that nondiscrimination protections for LGBT Americans should be the law of the land throughout the country.” According to the poll, 65% of Millennials support comprehensive nondiscrimination protections with 50% of Millennials strongly supporting such legislation. Majority support extends to every region of the country, as well as to rural, urban & suburban areas. Among voters who supported President Barack Obama in 2012, comprehensive LGBT nondiscrimination protections maintain the highest level of strong support of all issues polled.
For More Info: americanprogress.org
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