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Religious Freedom Cupcakes

By Charlotte Robinson, April 10, 2015
In West Hollywood the best gay bar The Abbey Food & Bar has announced that it would start selling Religious Freedom Cakes benefiting the Human Rights Campaign & their efforts to fight LGBT discrimination nationwide. David Cooley, Founder & President of The Abbey stated, “Everybody is talking about whether the baker can legally refuse to serve the LGBT community. If small-minded homophobes can use their bakeries to further a cycle of hate under the guise of religious freedom, The Abbey can use its bakery to help fund HRC¹s efforts to spread equality. This is a culture war over cakes, pizzerias & flowers. The oven mitts are off & everybody needs to do their part.” The Religious Freedom Cakes will be a rotating selection of cupcakes featuring the Human Rights Campaign logo. They will be sold for $5 to benefit Human Rights Campaign. Founded by David Cooley in 1991, The Abbey has grown to become a West Hollywood institution, home of the Gay Walk of Fame, Elizabeth Taylor¹s favorite pub & a community center. A favorite of celebrities, locals & tourists alike, there is no better place to meet old friends, make new ones, have a smart cocktail, eat a delicious meal & just kick back and have fun. The Abbey Food & Bar is located at 692 N. Robertson Blvd., West Hollywood in California.
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