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Power Lesbians For Hillary Clinton

By Charlotte Robinson, April 13, 2015
As promised Hillary Clinton announced her LGBT friendly campaign for President of the United States promptly at 3P Sunday via social networking & emails. Shortly after the announcement we got an email from LPAC’s Laura Ricketts. LPAC is the Lesbian Political Action Committee that was founded in July of 2012 by committed activists & donors to positively influence the current political & social landscape in this country. LPAC’s agenda is to give lesbians a real & meaningful seat at the political table. During the 2012 election LPAC raised over $700,000 to support candidates that supported our LGBT issues. Laura Ricketts, Co-owner of the Chicago Cubs & LPAC Board Chair stated, “Today we are beginning a new campaign to elect Hillary Clinton President of the United States. Together with all my friends at LPAC (the only lesbian Super PAC in the country), we are launching Lesbians4Hillary. Lesbians4Hillary will build a community & grassroots effort of LGBTQ women who will do everything possible to elect Hillary in November 2016. We are launching this effort because Hillary Clinton is the most qualified & experienced candidate in the race. She is also the candidate who will use that experience to fight on behalf of all Americans, particularly LGBTQ women. Hillary cares about all the things we, as queer women, prioritize in our lives: She is a defender for the rights of women and families; she fights to protect our reproductive freedom; she leads the charge for gender equity in the work place; and she champions equality of all LGBTQ women & our families. We also believe it is important that we elect the first Madam President in our nation’s history. Today we have 104 women serving in both houses of Congress, but we can do better. So let’s change the progression for women & break the biggest glass ceiling once & for all & in the biggest way possible – by electing the first woman President.”
For More Info: lesbians4hillary.com 
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