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Historically Celebrating LGBT Pride

By Charlotte Robinson, June 26, 2016
This is the first anniversary of marriage equality becoming the law of the land in America. A number of major cities are celebrating LGBTQ Pride this weekend. This year to celebrate Pride Month President Obama designated Stonewall National Monument in Greenwich Village, NYC at the location where our LGBT community led the Stonewall Uprising in 1969. This new National Monument represents a significant step by President Obama & the National Park Service to recognize & commemorate LGBT history. Glennda Testone Executive Director The Center in NYC stated, "From this day forward, those days & nights when we fought back to say we would not be silent, would not be invisible & would fight fiercely to protect our safe spaces will be forever marked in American & global history. We thank President Obama for standing with us as a staunch ally & ensuring our place in the history books. After thousands of years of invisibility, LGBT contributions & culture will no longer be marginalized & our significance will be forever be a part of the story of The United States of America. In the wake of the recent, horrific act of hate perpetrated against our community in Orlando, this designation is particularly significant. Our safe spaces are more sacred now than ever & they must be protected with all of our might. We must transcend hate with love. By designating a home for LGBT history, we ensure that none of the lives lost in the fight for LGBT rights are forgotten. The Stonewall National Monument acknowledges that because of the uprising that took place here, this area has become an icon for the LGBT community in New York City, across the nation and around the world. When people come to Stonewall National Monument, we hope they'll know that it was also the place where thousands of people gathered after the Orlando shooting to try and make some sense of a world where something so heartbreaking could happen. It is, and always will be, the place where our community members go to find each other in times of celebration, tragedy & to advance the fight for full LGBT equality." HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE!!
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