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UN LGBT Equality Prevails

By Charlotte Robinson, December 20, 2016
The United Nations General Assembly voted 84 to 77 reaffirming the appointment of an Independent Expert on Discrimination & Violence based on Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity. The SOGI Independent Expert will therefor continue his work to document LGBT human rights violations globally. Jessica Stern, Executive Director of OutRight Action International stated, “The UN General Assembly vote makes clear that no one should be subjected to discrimination & violence on any grounds. We congratulate the many states, national human rights institutions & civil society organizations that worked to ensure that the universal human rights system would be upheld. Today was a victory for human rights.” An African Group claimed that all of its member countries were against the mandate & against the rights of LGBT persons but the voting results reveal a different story & include support of the Expert by key African States such South Africa & Cape Verde. Ging Cristobal, OutRight’s Project Coordinator for Asia based in the Philippines added, “Let's be clear about what the opposition is doing. They don’t want the SOGI Independent Expert to ever get to work protecting the lives of people who are vulnerable & many governments around the world saw through this diversionary tactic.” Kenita Placide, OutRight’s Caribbean Advisor based in St. Lucia concluded, “We will not be beaten or swayed. We are ready to fight every challenge that comes our way & we will rise to the challenge to ensure that our human rights are protected. This is an issue of universal dignity.”
For More Info: OutRightInternational.org
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