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Victory Institute LGBT Conference

By Charlotte Robinson, December 06, 2016
Victory Institute will bring together more than 500 LGBT elected officials, appointees, leaders, ambassadors & advocates in Washington, D.C. from December 8th to 10th for the first major gathering of the LGBT movement since the presidential election. The 3 day conference aims to chart a path forward for LGBT elected officials & leaders as the Trump administration continues to appoint anti-LGBT cabinet members who threaten to dismantle the unprecedented gains of the last eight years. Aisha Moodie-Mills, President & CEO of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute stated, “The election of Donald Trump – a man who used xenophobia, racism, misogyny & transphobia to win the White House – is beyond disturbing & disheartening. But this is not the time to retreat in despair. Now is the time for the more than 500 LGBT elected officials nationwide to unite in their collective power & oppose the anti-equality agenda of the new administration. They are on the frontlines & are our best defense, which is why Victory Institute is convening LGBT elected officials for the first time post-election later this week. At our International LGBT Leaders Conference, this army of influencers will strategize how to cement our gains & continue moving our equality forward during the Trump presidency – from city councils to state legislatures to Congress.” Victory Institute is the nation’s only LGBT organization dedicated to building a pipeline of LGBT elected officials at the local, state & national level. The conference will also host the largest closed-door meeting of LGBT elected officials in history, where leaders will strategize around using their collective power to create an effective opposition onto the anti-equality agenda of the new administration.
For More Info: victoryinstitute.org
Listen: Advancing LGBT Equality Nationally & Globally
Hear Audio Interviews w/ LGBT Leaders @OUTTAKE VOICES™


1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

I'm heartened to learn about this Conference and their work.....Let's figure out what we need to do an do it!

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