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Equality California New Campaign

By Charlotte Robinson, April 15, 2017
Equality California announced the launch of a new media campaign called “#ResistHate” to recognize & promote California’s commitment to diversity. The campaign seeks to promote a statewide culture of solidarity that resists fear, bigotry & hate. The campaign instead encourages unity among the state’s LGBTQ community & all communities that experience prejudice, injustice & discrimination. The new year-long campaign features images evoking love, unity & California pride & will appear on 125 billboards in various markets across the state. Rick Zbur, Executive Director of Equality California stated, “’Resist Hate’ is a message of unity & solidarity for all Californians. LGBTQ people are black & white, Muslim & Jew, immigrant & native born & everything in between. This campaign empowers us to help unite the many communities of which LGBTQ people are a part & to resist all attempts to divide our communities. We want all of California’s diverse communities to know that whoever you are – LGBTQ, Muslim, undocumented or a member of any other group that has been targeted or feels less safe as a result of recent divisive messages – we stand with you. We must assert the values of tolerance & inclusion that set our state apart & make it a beacon of hope and acceptance for the rest of the nation.” The first billboards are being installed this month in greater Los Angeles & the remainder will be installed across the state throughout 2017. Hopefully this is a valuable campaign that should spread nationwide in these troubling times.
For More Info: eqca.org
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