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Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day

By Charlotte Robinson, April 08, 2017
In honor of National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day on Monday April 10th Advocates for Youth, an organization that champions efforts to help young people make informed & responsible decisions about their reproductive & sexual health will partner with youth activists to raise awareness of the impact of HIV & AIDS on young people. Daniel Driffin, co-founder of THRIVE SS, a Georgia based organization that works to stop HIV stigma in the south stated, “National Youth HIV AIDS Awareness Day is important to me since close to 25% of new infections are between the ages of 13-24. I learned my HIV status at 22 & with the advancements of treatment as prevention, we can significantly decrease other young people from becoming positive.” The day will feature a briefing on Capitol Hill & a Facebook Live chat, as well as events sponsored by more than 20 allied organizations in cities throughout the country to talk about the prevalence of HIV & AIDS among young people & highlight their work to fight the disease & the stigma surrounding it. One in five new HIV infections occur in people ages 13 to 24 making youth activism imperative in the fight for an AIDS-free generation. On National Youth HIV &AIDS Awareness Day young people will ask their peers & policymakers to sign the National Youth HIV & AIDS Awareness Day Bill of Rights that calls for the right to live free from oppression, the rights to education, prevention, treatment & care, and the right to live without criminalization, discrimination & stigma.
For More Info: aids.gov
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