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NCLR 40th Anniversary Event

By Charlotte Robinson, April 23, 2017
The National Center for Lesbian Rights was founded in 1977 with the commitment to advance the civil & human rights of our LGBTQ community & their families through litigation, legislation, policy & public education. Their 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner & Party with both take place May 20th at Innovation Hangar at The Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. The evening will feature Executive Director Kate Kendell & will celebrate 40 years of NCLR’s victories & accomplishments in the movement for LGBTQ equality. Last year when I asked her what personal commitment is to LGBT civil rights Kendell stated, “I feel like it’s been such an enormous privilege to really interweave the personal & the political. I mean I am a lesbian; I identify as a queer woman in a longtime relationship, married to my wife & raising two kids. So I feel everyday I have to walk the talk of what it means to do this work at the highest level, at the most effective level. I am part of the very community that I am serving so I feel particularly accountable. I feel accountable to my soul at the same time I feel accountable to my community to really always be a very fierce advocate & even though I live in a relative privilege as a white woman with a decent job with a good income & a good education I know a lot of people in our community don’t have that & I feel like our charge doing these jobs is to be there for the vulnerable in our community. So it feels every day very personal to get it right.”
For More Info & Tix: nclrights.org 
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