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Supreme Court Takes Cake Case

By Charlotte Robinson, June 27, 2017
The United States Supreme Court should take the opportunity to unequivocally state that religious freedom cannot be used as cover for denying rights to others when they decide the case of Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission next term. The fact is the owner of the Colorado bakery violated the state’s anti-discrimination laws when he claimed the religious freedom to refuse to serve gay & lesbian couples according to the Colorado Civil Rights Commission. Supported by the deep pockets of religious right organizations such as the Alliance Defending Freedom the owner will argue before the high court that his personal religious beliefs outweigh the rights of LGBTQ individuals to be treated fairly. Nick Little, Center for Inquiry Legal Director stated, “Religious freedom is not a license to discriminate against individuals. Dressing anti-LGBTQ prejudice in religious garb does not & must not endow that prejudice with legal privileges. If this baker is permitted to exclude LGBTQ people from his store based on his religious views, the floodgates of discrimination will have been opened. Today it is the same-gender couple seeking a wedding cake; tomorrow it could just as easily be women seeking contraception, or African Americans seeking a meal at a lunch counter. This so-called ‘right’ to discriminate based on religion cannot be cabined & threatens to turn America back to the dark days of legally justifiable segregation.” Robyn Blumner, CFI’s President & CEO concluded, “This baker has the right to hold negative opinions about gays & lesbians; he has the right to believe they are damned to Hell. What he does not have is the right to refuse them service at his business.”
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Thank you for disseminating this story as many in our community and the general community don't realize that our basic rights, equal rights remain in jeopardy under the distorted notion that religious freedom allows discrimination. Hoping this Supreme Court will keep separate Freedom of Religion from Freedom to discriminate.

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