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What A Difference A Year Makes

By Charlotte Robinson, November 08, 2017
Yesterday at the voting polls it was hard not to reflect how much our world has been turned upside down since last year’s presidential election. Fortunately this year’s elections results have given us an inkling of hope that our election process can be turned around. So maybe if we all work hard & support candidates that are committed to advancing LGBTQ civil rights, women’s equality & social justice we can get back on track. LPAC, the country’s first & only lesbian political action committee, endorsed several victorious candidates in New Jersey & Virginia. Ana Cruz LPAC Political Strategy Chair stated, “LPAC is thrilled that several candidates we endorsed, including Phil Murphy, Danica Roem, Jennifer Carroll Foy, Kelly Fowler & Elizabeth Guzman, will now be in leadership positions in New Jersey & Virginia. More than ever, with the current political climate & challenges to the rights of the LGBTQ community, women & other marginalized groups, we need progressive & fair-minded politicians fighting for us. These candidates will be our advocates & champions when we need them most, especially as we approach another critical election cycle in 2018.” LPAC a Super PAC has raised millions of dollars since it was founded in 2012 to engage LGBTQ women to be involved in electoral politics at every level & to have a real & meaningful seat at political tables.
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Urvashi Vaid Interim Executive Director of LPAC said...

In this election, lesbian, transgender, people of color and progressive candidates won huge victories, and LPAC salutes all our partners in progressive organizations across the country and the local activists who made these gains possible. Durkan is the first female mayor in Seattle since 1926 and one of few out lesbian majors of a major American city. Her historic win, and the election of many other great leaders across the country, will transform the character and content of political leadership.

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