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Transgender Victory In Alaska

By Charlotte Robinson, April 07, 2018
Alaska rejected Proposition 1 which was a sweeping anti-transgender ballot measure aimed to overturn the trans-inclusive portions of Anchorage’s 2015 nondiscrimination ordinance & require trans people to use public restrooms that correspond to their original birth certificate. Rebecca Isaacs, Executive Director, Equality Federation stated, “This historic win for equality is a testament to the fair-minded majority of voters in Anchorage & the extraordinary voter turnout efforts by Fair Anchorage, Alaskans Together for Equality & the many volunteers on the ground. All Americans, including transgender people & their families, should have the opportunity to be themselves without fear of discrimination.” Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO of GLAAD concluded, “Anchorage’s transgender community worked tirelessly with the city’s faith & business leaders & local & national organizers, to build a powerful coalition of love & support & to combat the fear-mongering tactics of anti-LGBTQ activists to defeat this dangerous anti-trans ballot measure. Proposition 1 was exposed as a clear attack on transgender people & unequivocally rejected by voters who put their love of their neighbors & the safety of their entire community above hate.” This is the first time voters defeated a ballot measure that singles out transgender people for discrimination & sets a historic precedent as Massachusetts will face the first-ever statewide ballot initiative on transgender rights which will appear on the November 2018 ballot. There is also a looming anti-trans ballot measure in Montana where signatures are currently being collected to place the Initiative 183 on the state’s Election Day 2018 ballot.
For More Info: equalityfederation.org
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Thank you Anchorage Alaska for standing up for what's right and making your ballots count on the side of non discrimination and equality for all.

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