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Transgender Murders In Florida

By Charlotte Robinson, July 26, 2018
Equality Florida is demanding Governor Rick Scott directly address the rash of murderous violence targeting transgender women of color in Orlando & Jacksonville. Last week's murder of Sasha Garden was the fourth killing since February. Gina Duncan, Equality Florida Director of Transgender Equality stated, "Rick Scott has been conspicuously silent as the number of killings continue to mount. We need the governor to speak out, clearly & immediately to condemn this pattern of violence targeting transgender women & to direct state law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigations. At this point we're not even sure Governor Scott can pronounce the word transgender. His lack of leadership & his lack of action is shameful. How many people have to die before this becomes a priority for Governor Scott? When law enforcement disrespects the dead by refusing to even use their correct names, they breed an environment of mistrust & send a message to the community that these murders are not a priority. As a result, they are actually impeding their own investigations as people with information may also fear being disrespected or mistreated if they come forward." The number of killings in a small area over a short period of time has spread fear throughout the transgender community & raised questions about whether the murders are connected. Regardless of whether these murders are connected such a spike in anti-trans violence is a terrifying pattern that must be addressed. Compounding the problem law enforcement has repeatedly misgendered the victims & failed to use the names in which they identify in their daily lives which significantly hampers their investigations.
For More Info: eqfl.org
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1 comment:

Marilyn Rosen said...

We need an out and out campaign to expose Scott's lack of interest in this horrendous killing spree to raise public opinion against him and such crimes.

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