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Florida AIDS Healthcare Update

By Charlotte Robinson, September 14, 2018
AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) has filed a second public records request lawsuit seeking a Writ of Mandamus against Florida Governor Rick Scott over his failure to provide requested records of communications between the Executive Office of the Governor (EOG) & all other bidders & their lobbyists for Florida’s Medicaid AIDS care contracts in the state Agency for Health Care Administration’s eleven service regions. Last week in a separate public records request lawsuit filed against Governor Scott by AHF in July the same court granted AHF’s petition for a Writ of Mandamus ordering the Governor to make records of his schedule, calendar & other events including campaign & fundraising events publicly available to AHF by September 15th. This was a stunning rebuke to the Florida Governor & Republican Senate candidate Scott & a victory for public access to information about publicly elected officials’ schedules & campaign & fundraising events. In July AHF filed its earlier petition for Writ of Mandamus after its repeated public records requests to Governor Scott’s office were denied with his office falsely claiming that the records were officially exempt from disclosure. Advocates from AHF & Positive Healthcare have been protesting & trying to protest Governor Scott after the state’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) failed to renew Positive Healthcare’s contract to cover Medicaid patients with HIV/AIDS in Broward & Miami-Dade, a move that essentially will deny critical healthcare coverage to those living with HIV/AIDS. AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is the parent organization of Positive Healthcare a nonprofit agency providing medical care to thousands of Medicaid patients living with HIV in Florida for nearly two decades.
For More Info: aidshealth.org
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