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LGBTQ 2018 Candidates Strive

By Charlotte Robinson, September 21, 2018
An unprecedented number of LGBTQ people have run for office throughout the 2018 election cycle unleashing the potential for a Rainbow Wave of new openly LGBTQ elected officials at every level of government come November. Twenty-one openly LGBTQ candidates won Democratic primaries for U.S. Senate or U.S. House this year more than at any other time in U.S. history. Mayor Annise Parker, President & CEO of LGBTQ Victory Fund stated, “A wave of enthusiasm among Democratic primary voters for openly LGBTQ candidates has unleashed a Rainbow Wave that can transform the U.S. Congress & our governors’ mansions come November. It represents an evolution in American politics with voters choosing out LGBTQ candidates as the solution to the divisiveness & dysfunction we see in Washington & in many of our state capitals. The struggles & experiences of LGBTQ candidates provide a unique perspective that makes them authentic, values-driven leaders & it is resonating. LGBTQ candidates join women, people of color, immigrants and Muslims who are running this cycle to lead the change we demand to see in our politics. The dramatic spike in openly LGBTQ people running for the highest levels of government is thrilling but one-sided, with zero openly LGBTQ Republican Congressional or gubernatorial nominees. The anti-LGBTQ policies pursued by the White House & in extreme-right state legislatures has led to few openly LGBTQ people running in a Republican primary & those who do are too often sidelined by homophobic or transphobic political forces. Instead of a Rainbow Wave that should be celebrated by all Americans who believe in the wisdom of a truly representative government, we have a historic moment that is almost entirely partisan. This story will not change until the party of Lincoln rejects the divisive rhetoric and policies too many of its leaders rely on.”
For More Info: victoryfund.org
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