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Transgender Military Ban Update

By Charlotte Robinson, September 20, 2018
With the country totally focused on the appalling Supreme Court nominee some good LGBTQ news slipped by as the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California rejected the Trump-Pence Administration’s latest attempt to implement its discriminatory transgender military ban by denying a motion to dissolve the nationwide preliminary injunction previously issued in a lawsuit filed by Equality California & seven active duty service members & recruits seeking to join the military. Rick Zbur Executive Director Equality California stated, “Anyone willing to risk their life to protect our country should be treated fairly & with dignity and respect. As long as President Trump continues to double down on this unpatriotic & discriminatory ban, we’ll continue to fight him with everything we’ve got & we have a pretty good track record of winning.” District Court Judge Jesus G. Bernal wrote in the order denying the motion, “In the history of military service in this country, ‘the loss of unit cohesion’ has been consistently weaponized against open service by a new minority group. Yet, at every turn, this assertion has been overcome by the military’s steadfast ability to integrate these individuals into effective members of our armed forces. As with blacks, women & gays so now with transgender persons. The military has repeatedly proven its capacity to adapt & grow stronger specifically by the inclusion of these individuals. Therefore, the government cannot use ‘the loss of unit cohesion’ as an excuse to prevent an otherwise qualified class of discrete & insular minorities from joining the armed forces.” Over 9,000 transgender troops are currently serving honorably & deserve to be protected by the constitution they are defending. For More Info: eqca.org
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