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America Stalled On MLK Day

By Charlotte Robinson, January 21, 2019
Here we are celebrating Martin Luther King Day as the Trump administration continues its brat attack, refusing to reopen the government & placing thousands of federal workers on breadlines. Adding insult to injury Trump addressed the nation on Saturday not once mentioning the plight of what the shutdown has caused so many hardworking American families. Vanita Gupta, President & CEO of The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights stated, “Trump continued with his lies, stoking fear & pushing misinformation. He created this shutdown & every day it continues, federal workers, contractors, their families & their communities are left unpaid & are being harmed. Key civil rights enforcement actions are being ignored. Trump has the power to end these crises of his own making. He & Leader McConnell have no further excuses for blocking bipartisan bills that passed the Senate last month & the House this month to end this shutdown. We are deeply skeptical of Trump’s so-called offer on Dreamers & TPS holders, as those too are crises of his own making. Nothing he announced is a compromise or a deal, as evidenced by his lack of discussions with any leaders outside his own party. We also need to see if he changes his mind as he did a year ago when he told legislators to pass a ‘bill of love’ on immigration, but then proceeded to attack Dreamers, refugees & TPS holders & ripped children from the arms of their parents.”
For More Info: civilrights.org
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Today, Martin Luther King Day, we have a moment to think about what heroic leadership can mean to the soul of a people, to the soul of a country. Without that leadership the imprint of a nation starts to fade.

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