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Gay Choruses Super Bowl Wager

By Charlotte Robinson, January 29, 2019
With the New England Patriots & Los Angeles Rams squaring off in the Big Game on Sunday February 3rd the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus (BGMC) & the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles have agreed on a challenge. If the Patriots defeat the Los Angeles Rams, the LA Chorus will perform “Please Come to Boston” by Dave Loggins. If the Rams are victorious BGMC will perform Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” & make it available online. The winner will also make a donation to GALA Choruses, the North American association serving the LGBTQ choral moving, for its work supporting emerging LGBTQ choruses. Craig Coogan BGMC Executive Director stated, “This is a friendly wager, but we take this Boston-L.A. rivalry very seriously. In their many championship games against the Los Angeles Lakers throughout the 1980s, the Boston Celtics showed us that it's always better to ‘Beat L.A.’.” Jonathan Weedman, Executive Director of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles added, “This will be a great series between two amazing teams. But we’re shipping the musical arrangement for “I Love LA” to Boston today because the Rams are going to win!” Both the Los Angeles Rams & the New England Patriots are among the National Football League’s most LGBTQ-friendly clubs. In 2014 the Rams drafted openly gay rookie prospect Michael Sam. Last year the Patriots publicly backed Question 3 on the Massachusetts ballot which protected the state’s 2016 transgender civil rights law from being overturned & contributed financially to the campaign. Go Pats!! 
For More Info: bgmc.org
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