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Hope In A Box For LGBTQ Students

By Charlotte Robinson, September 10, 2019
Hope in a Box has developed the definitive primer of LGBTQ inclusive literature for young adults & is working with dozens of university professors & middle & high school teachers across the country to make hundreds of rural public school more LGBTQ inclusive. The founding team of recent college graduates designed a bibliography of 50 books with supporting movies, magazines & albums that already is helping dozens of teachers diversify their classrooms nationwide to rave reviews. Their effort is part of a growing national movement to diversify public school curricula. Joe English, Founder of Hope in a Box stated, “I know that feeling of isolation & invisibility personally, having grown up in a small, rural town. After college, I returned to my high school to share my experience with my teachers & see how we could make the next generation of students feel more supported.” Hope in a Box has partnered with 25 rural public schools to pilot “Starter Boxes:” packages of 20-30 books from their bibliography along with supporting multimedia & curriculum guides for key texts. Based on feedback from users, 100% of educators feel better equipped to reach & support LGBTQ students because of Hope in a Box & 90% believe Hope in a Box noticeably improves LGBTQ students’ emotional wellbeing within one semester of receiving materials. With 80% of educators planning to formally incorporate the materials into their curricula this academic year, the pilot schools are diverse, including a traditional Mormon school in Washington state, low-income schools in rural Vermont & New Jersey & conservative Southern schools in Tennessee & Alabama among others.
For More Info: hopeinabox.org
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