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PFLAG Hispanic Heritage Month Video

By Charlotte Robinson, September 17, 2019
PFLAG National the first & largest organization for LGBTQ people, their parents, families & allies released Las Familias de PFLAG En Español a new video in support of Hispanic Heritage Month September 15th to October 15th. The video features members of PFLAG En Español in Los Angeles. Brian K. Bond PFLAG National Executive Director stated, “Family acceptance & love are core to the work of PFLAG’s chapter network across the country. As we celebrate the diversity & richness of our families during Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reminded of why our mission matters.” Las Familias de PFLAG En Español is directed by Nick Oceano an award-winning filmmaker whose feature directorial debut Pedro, the MTV biopic about AIDS activist Pedro Zamora was nominated for the Humanitas Prize, a WGA Award & a GLAAD Award. Oceano concluded, “Over 20 years ago, I came out of the closet. As a Mexican-American man in my Texas hometown, which was very religious & homophobic, this was especially difficult. I walked into a PFLAG meeting with my mother not knowing what the future would hold & was so relieved to find that there were others going through the same struggles. Working on this film & walking into this meeting of PFLAG en Español, listening to the personal stories of other Latinx & Hispanic families, it brought me back. I was moved to tears by these parents & grandparents, who support their LGBTQ+ kids. It reminded me that, in our dark times, love still wins. It makes my heart full & hopeful for the future.”
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Marilyn Rosen said...

Las Familias de PFLAG En Español video is an important message to help families of all cultural backgrounds to understand and support their loved ones and to understand and accept the diversity within the community.

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