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AIDS Activist Ron Simmons Dies

By Charlotte Robinson, June 03, 2020
Ron Simmons Ph.D. was the President/CEO of Us Helping Us, People Into Living, Inc. a nonprofit community-based AIDS services organization that provided HIV prevention & support services to the African-American community in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. He retired in 2016 & started his own company Ron Simmons Consulting, LLC, in 2017. In 2018, he developed the BodemĂ© workshop a sexual health intervention for young Black gay men, ages 16 to 29. Dr. Simmons was a member of the Global Network of Black People working in HIV (GNBPH) & served on the International Steering Committee of ICASA, the international AIDS conference for African nations. He was a former member of the DC Regional Commission on Health & HIV. Paul Kawata National Minority AIDS Council Executive Director stated, “This is a great loss. Ron Simmons was a tremendous leader & central voice for Black Gay Men in DC & nationally. During his tenure at Us Helping Us, he built an institution that continues to provide needed health care services to communities of color. His legacy will live on in the people that Us Helping Us continues to serve every day.” NMAC leads with race to urgently fight for health equity & racial justice to end the HIV epidemic in America. Since 1987 they have advanced their mission through a variety of programs & services, including: a public policy education program, national & regional training conferences, a treatment & research program, numerous electronic & print materials. NMAC also serves as an association of AIDS service organizations, providing valuable information to community-based organizations, hospitals, clinics & other groups assisting individuals & families affected by the HIV epidemic.
For More Info: nmac.org

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