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Watch: Live Global Pride Virtual Event

By Charlotte Robinson, June 27, 2020
Due to the COVID19 pandemic LGBTQ Pride organizations worldwide have come together to present Global Pride a 24 hour live event with hundreds of speakers, marches, performers & events being broadcasted virtually all day long on June 27th. Steve Taylor of European Pride Organisers Association stated, “I remember the first conversation we had about this project & how so many people thought it would be an impossible task to deliver, especially in less than three months. But yet again the grit & determination of the LGBTQIA+ community has ensured we will have an historic, ground-breaking show that will bring our community together in these trying times. Global Pride is our time to shine, our time to show the enormous & beautiful diversity of LGBTQIA+ people in every corner of the world.”  J Andrew Baker of InterPride concluded, “Global Pride is a vision. It is our movement's response to the COVID-19 crisis. It began with a few people & grew into this unbelievable event that includes over 500 LGBTQIA+ led organizations from over 80 countries. Nearly 40 partners have supported us to make that vision reality. Even during an economic crisis, companies & their LGBTQIA+ employees have provided much-needed resources. Businesses around the world have a place in the fight for LGBTQIA+ equality & human rights protection & each partner that has supported Global Pride is helping us to ensure the visibility of our community & to shout out for inclusion and the end of discrimination.” Global Pride is live now for 24-hours in this virtual Pride event happening now & will shine a light on our LGBTQIA+ community members from every continent. Organizers say it has the potential to be the largest LGBTQIA+ event ever. HAPPY LGBTQ PRIDE!! WATCH
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