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LGBTQ Pride Month Has Begun

By Charlotte Robinson, June 02, 2020
As we begin to celebrate Pride Month virtually during the COVID-19 pandemic we are witnessing a watershed moment in this country. As hundreds of thousands of Americans peacefully gather to protest expressing their outrage over the murder of George Floyd, we want you all to know that unequivocally OUTTAKE MEDIA supports our Black & Brown communities & please stay safe & strong as you exercise your First Amendment Right to protest. For the last fifty years we have commemorated the Stonewall riots when in 1969 our LGBTQ community experienced our own watershed Rosa Parks moment rising up against the police that resulted in our the beginning of LGBTQ civil rights in this country. Remember that Pride month is about celebrating our authenticity & demanding equality for our LGBTQ community & that demand for justice & change must include addressing the ugly reality of racism. Our LGBTQ community comes from all walks of life & skin colors & unless we are all equal none of us are equal. Sarah Kate Ellis, GLAAD President & CEO stated, “We know that social change is often built on the pain & outrage of moments like the ones we are seeing in America today. It is important to remember that the revolutionary riots at Stonewall in 1969 were spearheaded by many LGBTQ people of color & that none of the progress made for the acceptance & equality of LGBTQ people over the past 51 years would be possible if not for the action & courage of those protestors. This Pride Month, we’ll be centering & lifting up the voices of Black LGBTQ people. There can be no Pride if it is not intersectional. We are Together in Pride.”
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