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Pulse Nightclub Massacre 4 Years Later

By Charlotte Robinson, June 12, 2020
It’s hard to believe it’s been 4 years since the horrific shooting at Pulse Nightclub that left 49 LGBTQ people mostly of color dead on June 12th, 2016. Joe Saunders, Equality Florida Senior Political Director stated, “When we set out on this journey four years ago, Equality Florida promised to do the work of uprooting hate & violence. Dismantling systems of racism & homophobia requires that pro-equality voters make our voices heard & ensure our votes shape who represents us & what policies they champion. We live in the most important political real estate in the country & pro-equality voters are positioned to make the difference between a state that will be won or lost by 100,000 votes. In 2020 we’re going to leave it all on the field.” Equality Florida has launched #HonorThemWithAction a campaign to organize, mobilize & make a plan to vote to create a world they would be proud of. In 2018 I talked to Pulse Nightclub survivor Brandon J. Wolf who talked about his experience on that horrendous night four years ago which claimed the lives of 49 people & left 53 injured most of whom were LGBTQ Latinx people & people of color about what his personal commitment is to LGBTQ equality. Wolf stated, “My personal commitment is to again empower young people, a new generation of leaders that are going to challenge the status quo & say we’ve done a hell of a lot of great work but we’re not done doing great work until everyone in this country, everyone no matter black, white, brown, blue, LGBTQ feel safe in their own skin & I’m personally committed to amplifying that message until we get it done." LISTEN  
For More Info: eqfl.org
LISTEN: Black LGBTQ Leaders Address Racial Violence

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