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LGBT Elders Inspire Pride Celebration

By Charlotte Robinson, June 03, 2021

SAGE the world’s largest & oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBT elders is celebrating Pride season by honoring the collective strength of LGBT pioneers who are & continue to be at the core of the LGBT movement. The LGBT community’s inspiring display of strength & resilience is built on decades of LGBT people & allies joining together to overcome discrimination. To pay tribute to prominent leaders in the LGBT community SAGE will highlight stories of LGBT elders & allies from across the country all month long through its SAGE Strong campaign. Michael Adams, CEO of SAGE stated, “Every year, Pride Month is an opportunity to show our gratitude & respect for all the work older LGBT people have done for the LGBT community. Pride this year is all about celebrating the way our community stands on the strength of our LGBT elder pioneers. SAGE Strong is a reminder that these inspiring leaders are still showing up today, resilient as ever, to stand together & show that LGBT elders refuse to be invisible, especially during Pride.” From a series of virtual programs to nationwide broadcasts, SAGE Strong showcases communities of strength & creates a safe, festive space for elders, community members & allies to honor Pride Month. The past year has tested our collective adaptability, compassion & strength but this was not LGBT elders’ first pandemic nor was it the first time they had to join together to support one another through hard times. Tune into iHeartMedia’s “Can’t Cancel Pride” a virtual concert to celebrate our LGBT community June 4th at 9P EST to see performances from some of the biggest names in culture & entertainment & appearances from the most influential voices in the community. 

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