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Pulse Survivor Speaks OUT (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, June 12, 2021

Five years after the Pulse Nightclub Massacre Congress will create a national memorial at the dedicated LGBTQ site in Orlando where 49 people were killed. Brian K. Bond, Executive Director of PFLAG National stated, “On June 12, 2016, the lives of 49 people were taken by brutal, hate-fueled violence at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. These individuals had parents & families, friends & neighbors who loved them & who miss them & now in 2021, Congress has voted to ensure this country will not forget them. PFLAG National pledged then to continue working against bias-based violence & in support of policies that protect LGBTQ+ people from hatred, harassment & harm. The National Monument recognizing the massacre of LGBTQ+ people at the Pulse Nightclub is a call to action, reminding us all that the work must continue.” I talked to Pulse Nightclub survivor Brandon J. Wolf in 2018 who talked about his experience on that horrendous night five years ago which claimed the lives of 49 people & left 53 injured most of whom were LGBTQ Latinx people & people of color about what his personal commitment is to LGBTQ equality. Wolf stated, “My personal commitment is to again empower young people, a new generation of leaders that are going to challenge the status quo & say we’ve done a hell of a lot of great work but we’re not done doing great work until everyone in this country, everyone no matter black, white, brown, blue, LGBTQ feel safe in their own skin & I’m personally committed to amplifying that message until we get it done." LISTEN

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