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New Documentary ‘Mayor Pete’ (AUDIO)

By Charlotte Robinson, November 08, 2021

This week I talked with Filmmaker Jesse Moss about his new documentary “Mayor Pete” that will be released globally Friday November 12th on Amazon Prime Video. This riveting film takes viewers inside Pete Buttigieg’s historic campaign as the first openly gay democratic Presidential candidate’s bid for the highest office of the United States. From the earliest days of the campaign to his unexpected triumph in Iowa & beyond, this documentary reveals an intimate insider’s inquiry of what takes place behind the scenes in a significant political campaign & how it impacts the lives of those involved. We all know Buttigieg’s story from a little known Mayor from South Bend, Indiana to his Presidential bid for the White House & then landing his appointment with the Biden Administration as the first openly LGBTQ Cabinet member in U.S. history as U.S. Secretary of Transportation. In this film Moss provides a modern cinéma vérité experience that explores the reality of what takes place behind the curtain in a high profile political campaign including the emotional roller coaster ride it provided for Buttigieg’s staff, family, friends & especially how it affected his relationship with his husband Chasten. “Mayor Pete” has been making the film festival circuit to rave reviews & is directed, written & produced by Moss in collaboration with writers Jeff Gilbert, Amanda McBaine & producers Dan Cogan, Amanda McBaine, Jon Bardin & Laurie David. I talked to Jesse about his inspiration for creating this must-see documentary “Mayor Pete” & as a fierce gay ally his spin on our LGBTQ issues. LISTEN:  

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