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SAGE Supporting Transgender Elders

By Charlotte Robinson, November 17, 2021

In celebration of Transgender Awareness Week that runs November 13th to 19th SAGE the world's largest & oldest organization dedicated to improving the lives of LGBTQ seniors has announced the Transgender & Non-Binary (TGNB) Elder Program Equity Fund. The TGNB Elder Program Equity Fund will dedicate $1 million to support TGNB-focused services & advocacy at SAGE nationally. These opportunities are vital to TGNB members of SAGE's community as transgender older people are at a higher risk of discrimination, marginalization, health disparities & poverty as they age. Michael Adams SAGE CEO stated, “It feels particularly appropriate to announce this initiative during Trans Week of Awareness because the need to amplify & recognize trans experiences is the very core of the TGNB Elder Program Equity Fund. Decades after Stonewall, which was led by TGNB people, TGNB elders are still pushed to the margins in society & even within the communities they helped to create." Joanna Rivera, SAGE's Manager of TGNB Outreach & Community Engagement added, "Equality cannot be achieved without action to dismantle the anti-TGNB oppression that many of our transgender & non-binary elders still face today. The TGNB Elder Program Equity Fund is what that action looks like. This initiative allows us to continue honoring our TGNB elders while they are still with us, letting them know that we see them & embrace them as valuable members of our community." Sandi Salas SAGE constituent concluded, “Transgender & non-binary elders have survived & fought for equality in various capacities over the years & this recognition through the TGNB Elder Program Equity Fund is a definitive step towards the respect, change & acceptance we deserve.” For More Info…

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