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Rainbow Railroad Hosts Benefit Concert

By Charlotte Robinson, November 24, 2021

The annual Chicago 5 Lives fundraiser hosted by Rainbow Railroad returns this year with “When I Am Free” a benefit concert offering attendees a premier evening of classical music from esteemed young musicians. The concert will be held on Friday December 3rd from 7:30P to 9P CT at the Hoover-Leppen Theatre & will also be live streamed. Hosts will include U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky & Chicago Reader publisher Tracy Baim. Bruce Koff, Vice Chair of the Rainbow Railroad Board of Directors stated, "Although the persecution of LGBTQI+ people worldwide is tragic & epidemic 'When I Am Free'' is all about hope - especially the hope that is Rainbow Railroad. Primarily through music, the concert will convey what cannot easily be expressed in words: the journey from anguish & fear to freedom & hope.” Congresswoman Schakowsky concluded, “I am proud to stand with Rainbow Railroad & support their vital work to help LGBTQI+ people fleeing horrific situations around the world. Working together, we can support the people who simply want to live freely as themselves, a right many take for granted here in the United States.” Rainbow Railroad is a North American non-profit organization headquartered in Toronto & New York that helps LGBTQI+ people seek safe haven from state-led violence & persecution in countries where homosexuality & diverse expressions of gender identity are criminalized. “When I Am Free” benefit concert tickets are $100 & all proceeds go directly to Rainbow Railroad to support its mission to assist LGBTQI+ refugees fleeing persecution. The Chicago 5 Lives Campaign aims to raise $50,000 - enough to move five additional people to safety. For More Info…

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