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National AIDS Memorial Honors Pose

By Charlotte Robinson, December 02, 2021

The National AIDS Memorial awarded its prestigious National Leadership Recognition Award that’s presented annually on World AIDS Day to Pose. The fabulous history-making & award-winning FX drama series that captured millions of hearts & minds through its powerful storytelling & authentic LGBTQ characters. The award honors leaders in the AIDS movement who shines a light on the ongoing struggle for health & social justice & the fight against stigma & discrimination by using their unique voice to help educate the public about HIV/AIDS. A Quilt panel made for Pose character Pray Tell was gifted to the National AIDS Memorial where it will become part of the AIDS Memorial Quilt’s vast collection of Quilt-related memorabilia. John Cunningham, National AIDS Memorial CEO stated, “Pose has had a far-reaching impact in helping bring the story of AIDS & the long struggle for health & social justice to the forefront through its brilliant & authentic storytelling. We are honored to present this award to all those involved in the production of Pose – the producers, writers, cast & crew – whose collective work has helped change hearts & minds.” Billy Ported concluded, “I remember the day that I went in to shoot Pray Tell's death scene & I remember in 2007 when I got the HIV diagnosis & I went through my shame because I was a part of the community that was supposed to know better & this wasn't supposed to happen. Working for four years & three seasons on this show, I was able to get to a space of profound healing for myself through the proxy of the character of Pray Tell & Steven directed that final episode & I walked in that day & I said, ‘This is the death of Pray Tell, but it's the rebirth of Billy.” For More Info…

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